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Anonymous asked:

This past week I have reoccurring dreams where a demon named Stewrodyu'xy demands I write pornographic stories about seducing and molesting young women with red hair and glasses. Am I going crazy?



Demon my ass. That’s Steve. He’s just a cheap asshole who has the power of thought projection and he uses it to trick erotica writers into making stories without having to commission them. I think the demon is his character from World of Warcraft. Every erotica writer gets dreams from him sooner or later. Wear a tinfoil hat one night while you sleep, that is usually enough to break the connection and he’ll move on to another writer.

This is true. I wish I had known earlier. I myself can attest to this — I am an erotica writer who is haunted by dreams of Steve. It’s part of the reason I quit and became a respectable journalist. The dreams do not end, though. I’m afraid tinfoil hats are hard to come by here.

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